DAB+ eller mobilen - Vad är bäst för radion?

DAB+ or mobile - an overview
Patrick Hannon, President of WorldDAB, summarises the arguments and shows why DAB+ offers a much more compelling proposition for the delivery of radio.
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Can mobile compete with broadcast radio?
This presentation brings together research from around the world and includes input from industry experts who explain how DAB+ compares with mobile for delivering radio. How much would it cost the listeners and broadcasters if it was all delivered over mobile? 

Is 5G the answer?  
We speak to LS Telcom's 5G expert to find out what the new mobile standard might look like and what this could mean for the radio industry. Read here how 5G could introduce new business models to the mobile industry and what impact this could have on radio. 
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DAB+ or mobile - the facts 
Here are the facts on DAB+ and mobile broadband, covering each aspect of the distribution business case, including cost impact on the broadcaster and listener.  
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EBU research on DAB vs mobile broadband
The European Broadcasting Union recently carried out research into the cost of delivering radio over mobile broadband compared to FM and DAB. We spoke to Marcello Lombardo who explains why they undertook the project and highlights some of the main conclusions.

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