Japanska tidskriften CQ Ham Radio

Omslaget till 2014 års septembernummer av den japanska tidskriften CQ Ham Radio. Antalet sidor är ca 300. För 20 år sedan var sidantalet minst det dubbla. Jag tror inte att det går att prenumerera och få den skickad till Sverige.

Goh Kawai, N6UOK svarade 1990-10-31 på en fråga om det går att prenumerera på tidskriften CQ Ham Radio i USA:
"CQ Ham Radio" is doing well.  Its circulation is one of the three largest
among monthly magazines in Japan.  Although "CQ Ham Radio" is not the
official journal of the Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL's official monthly
publication is "JARL News", a puny pamphlet that is widely criticized as an
ill side effect to JARL membership), "CQ Ham Radio" is "edited under
guidance of JARL".  In fact, CQ Publishing has their main office is in the
same building as JARL's.
Unfortunately, it costs a fortune to subscribe to "CQ Ham Radio" directly
from the publisher (to be precise, from an overseas periodical distribution
agency which has sole rights to carry "CQ Ham Radio"), even if you use
surface mail.  The most convenient way is to buy it at your local Japanese
bookstore.  This only works if you live in a large city like New York, San
Francisco, or Los Angeles.  That would cost about nine or ten dollars.  The
second best way is to ask a friend in Japan to mail it to you.  The
magazine itself costs four dollars or so, and surface shipping is about two
dollars.  You'll save on money, but will be asking somebody a favor.
Since you seem to be interested in home brewing, I would recommend "Ham
Journal", a bimonthly also published by CQ Publishing.  This magazine is
much more advanced.  Each issue focuses on some particular technical topic,
and coverage is fairly deep.  This magazine is about the same size as
"QST".  "CQ Ham Radio" is for finding out the latest equipment.  "Ham
Journal" is for bulding your own radio.  I'm making a modularized SSB
tranceiver which appeared on "Ham Journal" several months ago.